T he history starts around March 1999, when I attended an International Progressive Rock festival known as "BAJA PROG 99", in Mexicali, Mexico. Part as a fan, and part covering it for the progressive rock argentine magazine,  MELLOTRON.

During the festival, I was invited to be part of the radio program ALQUIMIA 104, directed by my friends, Roberto Lupercio and Fernando Dueñas, in order to share an interview to the guys from AFTER CRYING, TEMPANO, Alberto VANASCO (Nexus´ Manager), and Jorge LOPEZ (host of the argentine radio program "La Llave Oculta" - "The Hidden Key"). And it was that program in ALQUIMIA 104 which planted in me the seed of what was going to come...

I must add to this the good influence of the progressive rock radio programs which preceeded us, and opened a path for us to walk (The Musical Box, The Hidden Key, A Long Passion, Isildur´s Dream, Saturday Book, and a long, long etc.)

When I was back from Mexico, designed the program, thinking of a one hour format, and with no delay I wrote the first FIFTEEN programs (all of which went to the air, practically with no changes from the original format)

My friend and partner, Juan CASANOVAS,  joined me in this project, whith whom we organized the First Symphonic and Progressive Rock Festival in Argentina, BUENOS AIRES PROG 99, on December of that year (but that is another long story...)

Finally, we found the right radio station, FM PATRICIOS in Buenos Aires, and it all started on September 4th of 2000, at 11 p.m., having as "padrinos" two dear friends of us, Ester Valle (Mellotron) and Sergio Vilar (A Long Passion). That first program had 3 blocks where we resumed almost 40 years of history in only 55 minutes, and the program was as follows:

Block 1: * The 70' s * From the Beginning (Emerson Lake & Palmer) / The Lamb Lies Down on Brodway (Genesis) / I' ve Seen All Good People (Yes)

Block 2: * The 80's * Lavender (Marillion) / Sanctuary (Pallas) / The Thousand Days (IQ)

Block 3: * The 90' s * Welcome to the Cage (Arena) / Masters of Illusion (Pendragon) / Nueva Epoca (Tryo)

Close : For Absents Friends (Genesis)


The issue is that since then we have followed in the way, trying to incorporate literature, to open the place to all the quality music from the progressive & simphonyc rock, and of spreading: THE MUSIC THAT EVERYONE WOULD LIKE ... IF THEY COULD LISTEN TO IT.



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