The Rock Progressive & simphonic international festival "BUENOS AIRES PROG. 99", was the first festival in your type make in Argentina, with six prestigious bands, playing in the days, friday 3 and saturday 4, December 1999, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Friday 3, December

* Ensamble de Guitarras de BsAs

* 2112

* Anekdoten

Saturday 4, December

* Baalbek

* Nexus

* Tempus Fugit




The festival was coment in all type of press, for example:

* Mellotron Magazine (Argentina)

* Progression Magazine (U.S.A)

* La Prensa Daily (Argentina)

* Epopeya Magazine (Argentina)


The festival was a work to much people, for a one year.

Born for a Leonardo Nahoum's idea, in a argentinian pizza shop before IQ show in Argentina (meddle 1998), as a joke for Gustavo Bolasini (with Andres Valle support!). The idea was about a Anekdoten gig in Southamerica

Last, Juan Casanovas link's and all "Liran Marino" too, with: Guillermo de la Mata, Sara "Pocha" Rolandi, and more good people.

Production General: LIRAN MARINO S.R.L.

Art & Design: PRCYD

Idea of logo: Jorge Piazza

Lights: Bruno Castro

Sound: Marcelo Napolitano

Photograph: Silvia Caputo

Press & diffusion: G. Bolasini / J. Casanovas

RRPP: Guillermo de la Mata

Poster Design: Manuel Ladogana

Programs: VM Impresos